Sunday, August 2, 2009

Wedding Cake Long Branch New Jersey

Our customer wrote the following both in English and Spanish. the wedding took place in Long Branch New Jersey

Hola Roxana, soy la esposa de el Pastor De La Cruz al cual le hicistes el cake para la boda del 18 de Julio. Quiero decirte que te doy un "10" en todo! Primeramente en precio, en calidad, y precensia. Te dire que me arriesgue ya que queria cumplir con el compromiso lo mejor posible. Y guiada por Dios llegue a tu paguina, me alludo los cake's que tienes en la foto y testimonios que lei. Como fieles Hispanos nos gusta los sabores de nuestro pais y tu lo supiste dar. Le pido a Dios que bendiga mucho tu familia, a tu esposo, a ti, y que siga bendiciendo el talento que ha puesto en tus manos. Me llamo Milaida y a todo el mundo re recomendare tu trabajo. Dios te bendiga.Hermanos De La Cruz Hello Roxana,
I now write this in English for those who speak the language. I’ am the wife of Pastor De La Cruz whom you did the cake for the wedding that took place on July 18. I want to tell you that I give you a “10” in everything! Firstly in price, quality, and presence. Ill tell you that I took a risk since I wanted to fulfill the responsibility the best way that I could. And guided by God I reached your website, the cakes from the pictures and the testimonies I read found in your page were a great help. As faithfull Hispanics we love the flavors from our country, and you knew how to make them. I ask God to bless you family in a mighty way, your husband, you, and that He keeps blessing the talent that He put in your hands. My name is Milaida and I will with out a doubt recommend your work to everyone possible. God Bless YouDe la Cruz Family

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