Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My 1st birthday cupcakes

The first birthday cake is so important these days. the kids don't remember a thing but the parents take lots of pictures. Mom was nice enough to send this picture with a little thank you note. We really enjoy the kids birthday cakes.

"Hi Roxana and Carlos! I just wanted to say a special thank you for making
my daughter's birthday very special. Everybody LOVED the cake. it was definitely
the main attraction after the birthday girl and after everybody tasted the
cupcakes they were definitely sold! I will definitely be looking for the next
occasion that I can order another cake from you. thank you so much. I enclosed a
couple pics of the cake and a thank you form Adriana."

Sincerely Rhia, Victor and Adriana!

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My little blue dress Sweet 16 Birthday Cake

They grow up so fast. It seems like just yesterday we brought out little girl home. Before you know it we will be making plans for a sweet 16 party. We made a small version of a dress. Mom provided us with pictures of the dress. Mom wrote us this little note. We are glad they enjoyed it


Denira Cruz
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New York Sports club Bronx New York Birthday Theme Pirate Girl Skull Cake & Cookies

Mom has bought cakes from us before. This time they where having this party at the New York sports Club in the Bronx New York. Great place eat your cake and work it out on the spot.The birthday cakes are always fun. Kids enjoy the birthday cake a much as anyone I know. Mom wrote us this little note. She also sent a picture. She also added to her order custom cookies to match the theme and birthday cake.

I just wanted to Thank You sooo much once again for the wonderful PIRATE GIRL
SKULL CAKE you made for my daughter Maleena. Her 10th birthday was
INCREDIBLE...and of course without a doubt everyone loved her cake and cookies.
The filling in the cake was FINGER LICKING GOOD...lol...You are a wonderful
person to do business with and of course like always and the cake and
cookies couldn't be more perfect. Get Ready for Elijah's 4th
Birthday...Can't wait to see his


Your Very Satisfied and Faithful
Marie & Eric Hernandez

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birthday cake computer theme

Mom had bought a cake for her son a couple of weeks earlier. Anyone who has children knows what you get for one you will end up getting for the other. Mom sent us a picture of the birthday girl and we where able to add it to the computer screen. So there you have it this is our computer cake. Oh yea we went with the older model computer. I believe that's what they have at home. Besides you cant feed anyone with a wide flat screen.
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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Rose Garden Williamsburg Brooklyn Birthday Cake delivery

Over the Williamsburg Bridge in Brooklyn there is a place called the Rose Garden. Our clients where celebrating there event there. I took these picture while there. The cake arrived safe. It was harder to carry it all the way to the third floor.
to the left a young man enjoys a walk with his father down the streets of Brooklyn and the right the a picture of the awning to the Rose Garden.

Cake delivery to the Bronx New York around the corner from the new Yankee Stadium

Let me begin by saying I am a big Mets fan. I love baseball and I am really glad the season is on its way already. The winter just seems so long with out the boys of summer. Making a Mr. Met Grooms cake last year was pretty cool. We have made a few Yankee Jersey cakes as well. Not as much fun as Mr. Met. I cant help but be in amazed by the new stadiums.. I took this picture while driving up past the new stadium on my way to drop off a cake around the corner. With all the history the Yankees have. Any baseball fan can appreciate no matter who you root for. I could not help wonder what it was like then. The old stadium. I visited the older stadium so many time. I always enjoyed the history. Now I realize what people must of felt then. When Yankee stadium was built the first time. When Shea replaces game at the Polo Grounds. I now have a chance to take my kids to these new stadiums and they will never forget it. This is one of the great parts of delivering the cakes. You get to see the world around you. Go to parts of the state I would normally never have been. There is so much history old and new in New Jersey and New York. Delivering our custom cakes thoughout the tri state area is a lot of fun. I am really enjoying this.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

First Birthday Party Rahway New Jersey

This was an interesting order. The grandmother called us.Her grandson was turning one and they need a monkey theme birthday cake. The thing is grandma lives in Miami Beach Fl.
We though it was one of those out of state calls from someone who found us online. Never realizing we are in New Jersey. Well it turned out the party was in Rahway New jersey and she was coming to the party. In this business you never know where your next cake will come from.
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Birthday Cake Juicy Couture Purse

This purse came along with cell phone and small wallet. Nothing makes a girl happier than to celebrate with her favorite bag. the purse was Yellow Cake and Chocolate Mouse.

Birthday Cake Tiffany theme

A gift from Tiffany & Co. No not really its your birthday cake. This customer wanted something simple for the birtday cake. She wanted the Tiffany blue to match the parties theme. This is what we came up with. The pearls are edible.
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Christening Cake Delivered to Newark New Jersey

This little angel sits on top of the cake waiting for all the guest to arrive We also provided matching cupcakes around the cake for the kids. This was a small Christening party held at the Titanic Restaurant in Newark, New Jersey.
this party seem like it would be a blast there was plenty of food coming out of the kitchen and the live band was playing customary Portuguese music

Thursday, May 14, 2009

40th Birthday Cake Cuban Theme

What do you have when a Cuban turns 40. You have one hell of a bash. This party took place in Asbury Park New Jersey. The place was set up like a Piece of Havana. Palm trees and all.
The food smelled great. Eddie the birthday boy. Turns out has several interest. He likes the New York Yankees, the Dallas Cowboys ,Cohiba Cigars and Burberry Ties. We gave him a little of everything in this cake. a pair of edible Yankee Ticket VS the Red Soxs, Dallas VS Eagles, A Burberry tie and on top a small box of Cohiba Cigars. Ricky Ricardo would of loved this cake. We understand so did Eddie. Congrats heres to 40 more years plus. Please visit us on the web www.roxanascakes.com

Birthday Cake Bowling Theme Chelsea Piers New York City

Bowling at the Chelsea Piers in New York City (Pier 60 to be exact) I remember my bowling experience. Yea I bought the shoes,bag and joined the league. Well I tell you my best game was a 148. Nothing to brag about for sure. I really never learned much about bowling or how the league worked. I know at the end of season dinner. We did not have a cake like this. I did get most of my money back. It turns out we where in some kind of handy capped league. You got point depending on who you played. It was fun. I am sure these folks had fun at the party. Bowling and cake. Good stuff. One more cake to New York City. Always a challenge. Come visit us on the web to see more cakes.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wedding Cake in New York city

A New York Wedding inspired by a Hawaiian theme and Colors from the island. The sugar flowers are Hawaiian Lillis. It was White Vanilla Bean Cake with Bavarian Creams and Key Lime Filling. Its always a challenge to take a cake into New York City. Raised Steel Plates One pot hole after the other. A real challenge in its self.
The cake made the wedding the bride was happy. Mission acomplished. Please visit us at
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Louis Vuitton Handbag Cake

This is so much fun for me. We made this handbag for a 40th birthday party in the heart of the fashion district. Broadway between 37th and 38th Street. I was reminded of my days working on 5Th Avenue and 35Th Street.
Those where some good days. Meeting dead lines, Getting the seasons line together. Making samples, dealing with buyers. Nothing like the cake business.
The Inside of this cake was vanilla cream and vanilla cake. Visit us on the web to see more cakes.
WWW. Roxanascakes.com

Elmo Cake 1st Birthday Party

This was his first birthday cake. Mom was happy to have found us. We often receive calls to have cake designed to match a theme.
This birthday cake is just one example of we can do to meet your needs. Mom wrote the following to follow up.
Just wanted to thank you for my beautiful cake!! It was the center of attention and everyone loved it.
I loved the taste.. It was delicious!!
Thank u all!
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Wedding Cake

This beautiful wedding cake Was created for a special customer. This was deliveD to New York City on Thursday April 30th. The cake was white vanilla cake and chocolate mouse filling
The Asian Oorchids all made of sugar, the branches are chocolate. This was inspired by our lamp cake because our customer loved the unique design. Colors are Pearl white, soft pink, old pink, brown, and silver. One more wedding cake in New York City always a challenge
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Sweet 16 Cupcakes Tree

This is one of the newest stands for our cupcakes this hold up to 250 cupcakes . All was red velvet cake and the theme was. The Little Black Dress. Mom wrote the following and provide us with a picture.
Dear Roxana & Carlos,Thank you for making such a stunning cake for
Ariana's Sweet 16 Celebration. You went far above and beyond our expectations.
The cake was not only beautiful but tasted amazing. Our guests raved. Attached
is a pic of the birthday girl cutting her top
layer.Again....many, many thanks.Karen Bryant