Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Cake Hello Kitty

This custom cupcake tree was the choice mom wanted to match the birthday theme. It was yellow cake and strawberries. The cupcake where all yellow cake. This little custom cake topper was a big hit.
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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Baby Shower Cake New Jersey

This little baby sleep safe and sound above this cupcake tree. Mom to be fell in love with this style. She just wanted to change the colors a bit. We have found that this is a great way to celebrate a baby shower. Instead of having a custom cake. You can have a little bit of both worlds.
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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Custom Cupcake Topper 1st Birthday Princess Theme

This cupcake tree was ordered by mom. She was having a princess theme. It topped the custom cupcake tree she picked. after speaker to her she found it more affordable than a custom cake. The topper and cupcakes
where all chocolate. This party took place in a park last week end.
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Friday, April 24, 2009

Birthday Cake New Jersey Jungle Safari theme

As of late we are getting this cake request. The jungle must be in season. If it not a Birthday cake Its a Baby Shower cake. We enjoy making them no matter what the event. This was Yellow Cake And Bavarian Cream Chocolate Cake and Chocolate Cream.
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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Baby Shower Cake Two Baybies Sleeping Theme

This baby shower cake was for a shower here in New Jersey. Mom is expecting to Baby Girls.
We were told by some of the folks who attended that the cake was a hit. The baby shower cake can also be made for boys in boy colors and for single or multiple babies. Baby shower cakes are fun to make. We hope they call for the first birthday cake.See more of our cake at

Monday, April 20, 2009

Baby Shower Cakes New Jersey( Baby Sleeping under Blanket)

Here we have added a tier to our custom cupcake topper.
When our client wanted to order a baby shower cake. She decide to go with a cupcake tree instead. We added some height to the piece by adding the tier. This was Yellow cake and chocolate mousse filling. It was picked up. The party was held in New Jersey.Everything was edible.
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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Birthday Cake Jungle Theme Queens New York

Mom called she was doing a jungle theme birthday party. She was torn between a cupcake tree or a birthday cake.
We went back and forth. She decided to take both. we made a matching cupcake tree to go with the birthday cake. She just loved it. Everything was edible even the lazy monkey hanging around the cake. Please visit us to see more of our cakes at

Specialty Birthday Cake Make Up and Bag Theme

Little girls just cant wait to grow up. In there eyes getting to wear make up and using a bag is so cool. this birthday cake was done for a little girls 6th birthday. It was yellow cake and butter cream. Everything was edible. Please visit us to see more cakes.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Birthday Cake Delvered to Kid Kazoom in Paramus New Jersey

Spider Man saved the day. Little Christopher is a fan of the Web Man. We incorporated Spidey into a city theme two tier cake.
everything is edible. Our client is an event planner. She later sent us this email.
Your cake was beautiful..Everyone loved it.
I am going to add your link on my website in a couple of days…
For that we are very grateful
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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Baby Shower Cake Union New Jersey

I remember my first rubber duck. It lasted a week. I puppy used it as a chew toy. So much for that duck. This baby shower cake was delivered to Union New Jersey last week.The cake was Yellow Cake and Strawberry Filling. The duck was edible even the shower head. We hand painted the tile floor around the tub. Please visit
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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Birthday Cake My Little Pony New York, New York

This little girl was really excited to see her custom cake. We must admit although we enjoy Wedding cakes. Kid birthday cakes are the best. When you see a child get excited about the birthday cake you made for them. That's priceless.
We would like to thank this mom for giving us the opportunity. Please visit our web page to see more cakes.

Birthday Cake New Jersey

A first birthday cake really gets the parents excited. The call and really want a special cake. The plan the big party with the theme. Napkins and balloons to match. It all a big deal. This cake went to Lodi New Jersey last week. We are playing catch up on the blog. We thought you all would like to see this one. Elmo cakes are always fun. Please visit us at to see more of our cakes.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Baptism Cake New Jersey and New York

This cake was made for two different parties. We duplicated this design. The parties where both celebrating a Baptism. One Baptism Cake went to Brooklyn New York and the other was in Elizabeth New Jersey. Again we where blessed to have work. To be able to share the gift that we have received to create these cakes. Thank you to the families that allowed us to be part of this special day.God Bless you all! Please visit us at

Christening Cake New Jersey Little Dress Theme

This Past Sunday Christians all over the world celebrated arguably the most important day in the Christian Faith. We where privileged to make this Christening Cake for a child who became a Christian. The Christian faith teaches us the the Sacrament of Baptism. Allows a soul to enter into heaven. Cleansing the soul of the stain left from the original sin. Although many thought it was strange to work on Easter Sunday. We feel blessed to have had work on that day. Especially when we where able create a Christening Cake for such an important celebration. We would like to thank the family for the opportunity to be a small part of it. God Bless you and your family. Please visit to see more cakes at

Contemporary Bride Magazine Spring Edition Real Wedding Stirling Ridge Warren New Jersey

When Kelly came to see us. We where thrilled to know she was considering us to be part of her special day. We went over some design ideas. Then she told us she really wanted us to make the Asian Theme Wedding Cake she saw in the Knot Magazine. At First we thought another Bride who wants us to copy a cake. When we told her we don't copy cakes. Then she saw the cake in our studio. It turns out the cake she wanted copied was are own cake. Talk about a big relief. Months later we where contacted by Contemporary Bride. They wanted to publish the picture. We thought it was a great idea. We are not big on chasing the media around for spots in this or that. We know our hard work and dedication to our customers will bring all the acknowledgement we deserve. We often wondered what happened. We would not see a copy of the magazine at WalMart, Stop and Shop or any other place we would looked. Not really knowing much about the Magazine. When it was published,How often. Then by chance while delivering a Sweet 16 Cake to Woodbridge New Jersey. Wouldn't you know it. There was the latest copy of the Magazine. I asked the Banquet Manager for a copy. When I looked inside there it was. After showing her the Asian Cherry Blossom Themed Wedding Cake she was impressed.She asked for some business cards. Since then we have met with three brides interested in wedding cakes. We would like to thank our clients Kelly and Michael for the opportunity. Because of your trust in us all these other doors have opened. Thanks to the people at Contemporary Bride Magazine New Jersey. In this business the next customer can come from the least expected place. Please visit us to see more cakes at

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Backyardigans custom birthday cake

The Backyardigans where the talk of this party. The little girl who had her party a the Little gym in Wayne New Jersey really enjoyed moms little surprise. Its always fun to make the kids cakes we enjoy it the most.
Yellow cake /Chocolate cream yuumy!
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Custom Circus theme Cake Topper

The circus was in town to celebrate a second birthday.
This custom cupcake topper was a big hit. We had no time to clown around this week end was really busy.
Everything was hand painted and all was edible.
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Custom Princess Cake

We made this cake for our neighbor. She just turned six.
She was very exited to see her cake. She is one of many little Princes' running around our neighborhood. We where glad to be part of her special day. Please come see more cake at

Monday, April 6, 2009

Custom Birthday Cake Yoshi Theme

This Mom called to tell us how much her son loved Yoshi from Mario brothers. She wanted us to make a Custom Cake for his Birthday. After viewing some pictures this is the Birthday Cake we came up with.
Yoshi and the little Mario on the bottom where all edible. Yellow Cake, Whipped Cream ,Chocolate Cake and Chocolate Mouse Filling.
The birthday party was at home in Red Bank New Jersey. To see more custom cakes please visit us at

Custom Birthday Cake Topper and Custom CupCakes Monkey Theme

Its seem like people are into Monkey business these days. this little Monkey is all edible hand crafted by our cake designers. He sits on top of a small Custom Cake Topper. He was part of a Cupcake Tree with Custom Cupcakes to follow the theme. Mom really enjoyed this final product. You have to admit monkeys can be cute. This Fist Birthday was celebrated in Long Valley New Jersey.

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Custom Cars Cupcake Tree with Custom Cake Topper Queens New York

This Custom Cars theme Cupcake Tree with custom Cake Topper was a big hit. we raced this cars theme over to Queens New York.
Mom called this Morning to tell us it was great. I met the little boy and his friends when I delivered it. they where so exited.I would of loved to have such a cool cake when I had my 5th Birthday Party. I don't remember Custom Cakes then.
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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Dr Antonia Pantoja School 27 Specialty Cake Elizabeth New jersey

This past Tuesday March 31,2009
The Elizabeth Board Of Education had the honor of dedicating a new school. DR. Antonia Pantoja P.S. #27
members of the dedication committee asked us to make the cake. We where very excited to be part of the event. We created a small replica of the front of the building. It was our honor to donate this cake. The cake was carrot and pineapple filling. It was a big hit. the committee and guest enjoyed it very much. We wish the school all the best. As thousands of kids will walk the hall of this beautiful K-8. Congratulations School #27. To see more Custom cakes please visit us at