Sunday, March 29, 2009

Gotham Is in Trouble? First I have to take this Custom Cake to Queens

This 5 years old boy, Just loves Batman
Mom liked some of our past Custom cakes. She decided to go with this design. It was a cloudy day in Queens. The party was inside and it looked like it would be fun for sure.
Mom was excited to see the final product. This custom cakes feed a bit over 50 guest. POW! BAM!BOOM to the Bat Mobile. Lets Go !
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Mom emailed us today 3-30-2009

1 st birthday Custom Cake Jungle Theme New York City

Little Myles was turning 1. Mom though a jungle theme would be cute. She sent us a couple of pictures of the decorations. We took that and this is what we came up with. The lazy jungle animals sat around the cake and looked so cute. They are all hand made and edible. Many of the details are hand painted. This custom cake was for about 40 guest. Fresh Strawberries and Bananas .It went to New York City

1st Birthday Jungle Theme Custum Cakes New york City

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Baby Shower Specialty Cakes Guttenburg New Jersey

Beautiful in pink. Mom calls her daughter is expecting a Baby Girl. She wanted something girly. She liked a design we had made before. We put a little twist to it and this is what we came up with. I just love those little shoes. I remember our little girl had a little pair. When she was born. Both Mom and Mom to be loved it. Guttenburg New Jersey will have one more resident soon. Please visit us on the web to see more custom cake.

1st birthday party cupcake tree Abby Cadabby South Brunswick New jersey

Brook,Lynn was turning 1. Mom though this would be a great idea. The decorations are hand made painted and edible. Yellow cup cakes and yellow cake topper. Feeds about 60 guest. We delivered it to South Brunswick New Jersey.
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Friday, March 27, 2009

Birthday Cake Delivery in New York City

While driving through New York City one needs to be very careful. Especially with a 3 tier birthday cake. One looks to the right to the left. You want to make sure that Yellow Cab does not stop short.
Avoid the raised steal plate,the collapsed man hole cover. The Horse and carriage. Yea! the horse and carriage. I stopped in traffic looked back and this guy was breathing down my neck. A beautiful black horse pulling a beautiful white carriage. You just have to Love New York City.
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Baby Shower Cake Delivery to the Bronx New York

While Delivering a Baby Shower Cake to the Bronx New York. I took these Pictures with my New BlackBerry Flip Phone.
It so nice to see this piece of history.
Here you can see the new Yankee Stadium and the Old Yankee Stadium side by side. The cake arrived on time and in one piece. Despite all the pot holes the Bronx has to offer. Well Its almost that time of year. Play Ball! To see our cakes please visit us at

Thursday, March 26, 2009



Baby Shower Pink Stroller


Baby Shower Unique Cake Baby Stroller

Dear Roxana and Carlos,Im so so sorry that Im emailing you so long after the baby shower, but I just HAD to make sure I let you know that the beautiful cake you made for the new addition to our family was BEAUTIFUL. I know you've probably heard this a million times before, just from looking at all the creative and unique cakes you have on your website, but people didn't even believe it was a CAKE!! Jessica and I got so many amazed comments about it, and I hope you got some new customers because I was giving people your number all night!!! I also wanted to let you know that you were both truly helpful and genuinely nice whenever we spoke, and you gave us EXACTLY what we wanted and much more than we expected!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, and I would definitely love to use you again in the future!!Yours,Janet Coleman

Monday, March 23, 2009

1st Birthday Cake Bling Bling

This Mom wanted to celebrate her daughters first Birthday with some Bling. We added several Cristals to give it the Bling Bling effect. This 4 tier gem was Vanilla Cake and Chocolate Mouse. It was made to feed over a 100 guest.
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Pricess Castle Cake 1st Birthday

This Little Harlem Princess celebrated her 1st Birthday with a castle cake. With so many sweet details. The Princess can find herself at the Royal Dentist. This cake was Yellow Cake, Chocolate Cake and Tres Leche Cake. It feeds about 80 guest. See more of our cakes at

40th Birthday Cake Gift Box Theme

These two friends celebrated the same day. They wanted simple. We went a gift box theme. The colors matched the party invites. Everything is edible. The gold trim is hand painted. It feed about 50 guest.See more of our cakes at

Sweet 16 Cake Topsy Turvy Paris Theme

I walked in with this cake. "The guy in the room yelled look out its going to fall" I will be honest I almost beleived him.This cake had real sharp angle. It was really Topsy Turvy. It was built to feed about 100 guest. Everything was edible.

40th Birthday Custom Cake

This client wanted soft pinks and and strong red roses.
Keep out the number 40. This is what we came up with feeds about 70 guest. everything is edible. See more cakes at

Baby Shower Cake Baby Sleeping Under The Stars

Every mom dreams of every thing under the stars for their little ones. We came up with this little number for a baby shower. This cake feeds about 40 guest. See more baby shower cakes at

Sunday, March 15, 2009

40th Birthday Cake The Poker Playing Gorilla

This request was a bit different. When this customer called. She told us it would be a 40th birthday for her husband. She told us it would be a gorilla playing cards. There is no Monkey business hear even the cigar was edible. Is that a Cohiba?
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Birthday Cake The Friendly Dinosaur

This request came from a mom who was celebrating her daughter's birthday. She wanted
a dinosaur and gems. She provided us with the idea and this is what we came up for her. A very friendly looking dinosaur Everything is edible even the gems in the chest. Come see more cakes at

Baby Shower Cake Diva Baby

This cute little baby girl is taking a bubble bath.
All the details are made in sugar. The bath tub is yellow cake with dulce de leche. Come see more of our cakes at

40th Birthday Cupcake Tree Shopping Theme

When bill cales he wanted to celebrate his wifes 40th birthday. He told us she was going to be 40 and she loves shopping.
This tree has 60 cupcakes all colored in ligt colors with small pocket books ,shoes and cell phones.
The topper had small shopping bags from differant designer stores. All edibile of course. Red Velvet throughout the tree. Come see more cakes at

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Birthday Cake Coca Cola Classic

A CoCa Cola Classic Bottle 1973

A 3 D coca cola bottle was for a special person who loves coca cola. I included the year when he was born.
It's was for a 10 guest, very small and fun to have
Happy Birthday Carlos

Baby Shower Diaper Bag Cake

This is our latest version of The diaper bag.
Colors are Lime Green ,Yellow. Turquoise blue.
The colors matched the rest of the halls decorations as requested by the client. we can make your bag to match your colors.

30th Birthday Cake White Bows and Flowers

30th Birthday cake
this past Friday one of our customers celebrated her 30th bithday. It was Red Velvet Cake and Buttercream Filling.

Baby Shower Monkey Theme

Monkey/ jungle theme
we received a call this past week requesting our baby shower cake # 22. the difference between the two is that we incorporated more monkeys and animals.Our favorite was the monkey sleeping.
I our client just loved it.

Baby Shower Cake Coach Diaper Bag

This Coach Diaper Bag was designed for a modern woman who loves coach bags.Everything was edible. It was yellow cake with buttercream filling.

15th Birthday Cake Skate Boarding Theme

Skateboarding Cake:
This Rad Cake was designed for a 15 years old boy who loves skateboarding. His Mom called us to thank us. she tells us the kids thought it was awesome.
It was chocolate cake with butter cream filling.

12th Birthday Cake Coca Cola and Hot Dogs

This birthday cake is our version of a coca cola bottle and two hot dogs. We had a lot of fun creating this cake. This cake was for 12 year old twin boys. . Everything was edible, it was yellow cake and buttercream.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Birthday Cake Princess Castle Theme


Her mom called us few weeks a go asking to order a castle for her daughter. She is a daddy's

little princess. It was tres leches cake and everything was edible.

Happy Birthday Lia

8th Birthday Cake Purse and Make Up

This was inspired for twin girls who were turning 8. They wanted to have fun . This small makeup party was just for girls. Their mom asked me if a could design a purse and we came up with this idea and colors.In addition we incorporated a shopping bag because
they love shopping at Justice.

Baby Shower Cake Baby Stroller

Skyla's Baby shower.

The mom to be loved this idea. The cake was a stroller with a blanket and the Baby's name was printed on top (Skyla). Yes its all edible!

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Baby Shower Cake Juice Couture Diaper Bag


Our client called and wanted to celebrate a baby shower. She really enjoyed our Baby Bags.

You can see more cake like this one on our Web Page. WWW. Roxanascakes.Com

Birthday Cake Dora the Explorer Theme

Dora the Explorer Cake

We got a call this week from a one of a loyal customer requesting a cake order. Her budget was only $100. So we came up with the idea of making this cake. Its size was 12"x12" and everything was edible. We have decided to make this cake with others Characters for the same price. This should allow more people the opportunity to have a fun cake. Dont forgat to visit us on the web