Thursday, May 14, 2009

40th Birthday Cake Cuban Theme

What do you have when a Cuban turns 40. You have one hell of a bash. This party took place in Asbury Park New Jersey. The place was set up like a Piece of Havana. Palm trees and all.
The food smelled great. Eddie the birthday boy. Turns out has several interest. He likes the New York Yankees, the Dallas Cowboys ,Cohiba Cigars and Burberry Ties. We gave him a little of everything in this cake. a pair of edible Yankee Ticket VS the Red Soxs, Dallas VS Eagles, A Burberry tie and on top a small box of Cohiba Cigars. Ricky Ricardo would of loved this cake. We understand so did Eddie. Congrats heres to 40 more years plus. Please visit us on the web

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