Monday, April 13, 2009

Contemporary Bride Magazine Spring Edition Real Wedding Stirling Ridge Warren New Jersey

When Kelly came to see us. We where thrilled to know she was considering us to be part of her special day. We went over some design ideas. Then she told us she really wanted us to make the Asian Theme Wedding Cake she saw in the Knot Magazine. At First we thought another Bride who wants us to copy a cake. When we told her we don't copy cakes. Then she saw the cake in our studio. It turns out the cake she wanted copied was are own cake. Talk about a big relief. Months later we where contacted by Contemporary Bride. They wanted to publish the picture. We thought it was a great idea. We are not big on chasing the media around for spots in this or that. We know our hard work and dedication to our customers will bring all the acknowledgement we deserve. We often wondered what happened. We would not see a copy of the magazine at WalMart, Stop and Shop or any other place we would looked. Not really knowing much about the Magazine. When it was published,How often. Then by chance while delivering a Sweet 16 Cake to Woodbridge New Jersey. Wouldn't you know it. There was the latest copy of the Magazine. I asked the Banquet Manager for a copy. When I looked inside there it was. After showing her the Asian Cherry Blossom Themed Wedding Cake she was impressed.She asked for some business cards. Since then we have met with three brides interested in wedding cakes. We would like to thank our clients Kelly and Michael for the opportunity. Because of your trust in us all these other doors have opened. Thanks to the people at Contemporary Bride Magazine New Jersey. In this business the next customer can come from the least expected place. Please visit us to see more cakes at

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